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The patented Li-Mithra concept

The Li-Mithra system: a hybrid solar panel designed and developed using the latest technologies and meeting high standards in terms of quality and reliability.

Li-Mithra thus offers a clean alternative solution with its patented revolutionary hybrid solar panel to produce non-polluting energy at a lower cost.

This dynamic panel is coupled with a specific solar-thermal heat pump that optimizes thermal production (an output per m² 10 times higher than traditional thermal solar panels).

In residential settings, thermal uses (heating + domestic hot water) represented 83% of annual consumption in France in 2018, to which 17% of electrical consumption must be added ( learn more ). By prioritizing thermal production, Li-Mithra optimizes both ecological and economic yields.

Surpluses of photovoltaic production are consumed directly in the installation or stored in a battery to improve self-consumption and/or provide a reserve in case of grid outage.

Li-Mithra makes it possible to compensate for the inadequacies of current photovoltaic panels. While traditional panels can capture energy in either photovoltaic or thermal form, Li-Mithra panels combine the production of both to achieve maximum efficiency, particularly in recovering lost energies during energy conversions.

How does it work?

The liquid circulates within a metal plate which is placed against the panel. The liquid absorbs solar heat. But also the heat from the ground, in the evening, or the calories contained in rain, or in snow.

Thermal exchange thus occurs through simple contact. The heat is then redistributed inside a building, a house, using an intelligent heat pump designed by the company.

With our system, photovoltaic energy is first used to operate the pump that circulates the liquid. The excess electricity produced is reinjected into the building’s electrical installation, to power ventilation, etc.

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Panneaux solaires Li-Mithra sur un toit de batîment tertiaire

Li-Mithra in Images

Composition for an average housing:

  • 1 heat pump with a thermal power of 10 to 20 kW (variable speed compressor)
  • 10 to 30 Li-Mithra hybrid solar panels (photovoltaic power 375 W/panel)
  • 1 solar hot water tank of 200 L or 300 L
  • 1 buffer tank of 300 L to 500 L
    Inverter from 3 to 9 kW, electrical protection enclosures
  • 5 to 10 kWh storage battery
  • Backup system in case of power outage

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