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Infinite energy


Li-Mithra, the reliable solution with guaranteed performance

    Independent energy production :

    • 90% on average with a constant lifestyle
    • 100% and even more in sobriety mode

    100% Utilization of Natural Resources

    The revolutionary concept of Li-Mithra panels stands as an ingenious response to the limitations of traditional photovoltaic panels.

    While the latter can capture energy either in photovoltaic or thermal form, our Li-Mithra panels go beyond by combining the production of both forms of energy. This innovative approach aims to maximize energy efficiency, notably by recovering energy lost during energy conversions.

    With Li-Mithra panels, every element of nature is exploited to its fullest, creating a perfect synergy for optimal and environmentally friendly energy production.

    Where other solutions stop, Li-Mithra excels by using 100% of what nature offers us for a truly sustainable energy transition.

    100% French components

    At the forefront of energy innovation, Li-Mithra offers hybrid solar panels combined with a heat pump and an energy storage system designed and manufactured in France, less than 500 km from your location.

    With 10 years of experience, our products surpass geothermal and aerothermal energy in terms of efficiency.

    Choosing our solutions means opting for 100% renewable energy, ensuring a minimum carbon footprint of zero grams of CO2.

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    Batterie qui se charge avec le soleil

    100% Autonomous and Intelligent :

    With a Li-Mithra installation, energy consumption becomes a hassle-free experience.

    Enjoy 100% autonomy, subject to production and usage conditions. The system adjusts its operation in real time to the climatic conditions and the specific needs of your home. Efficiency at its peak, without any intervention on your part.

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    100% Connected with the Limibox

    Schéma de fonctionnement de la Limibox

    Customize your energy management according to your needs.

    Thanks to a simplified application, controlling your entire installation becomes child’s play.

    Adjust the settings, monitor your energy production, and adapt your system’s operation in real-time.

    No more juggling between multiple applications: the Limibox centralizes everything, simplifying the daily life of our customers.

    When you choose Li-Mithra, you opt not only for easy home management but also for complete peace of mind.

    The Limibox goes beyond individual management by offering our technical team the ability to monitor each installation remotely. This proactive monitoring allows for instant detection of any potential issues.

    Real-time control ensures maximum responsiveness to maintain the optimal performance of your system. It adapts the system’s operation according to climatic conditions and the needs of the house.

    Welcome to an era where innovation meets 100% sustainability.


    100% Adaptability and Simplified Management :

    Your Li-Mithra system is fully adaptable to your energy production needs.

    Each installation undergoes a personalized study, ensuring a perfect match between production and consumption.

    Whether your home undergoes changes or your needs evolve, our system automatically adjusts to optimize the use of the produced energy.

    Additionally, we handle the management of your electric resale contracts to maximize your return on investment.

    100% Intelligent Storage :

    The energy produced by our systems is stored intelligently, whether in buffer tanks and/or hot water tanks or in a dedicated and dimensioned battery after a study, according to your needs.

    This approach guarantees efficient use of energy, even in case of demand fluctuations.

    Each Li-Mithra installation is unique, with a thorough study conducted to tailor solutions to your specific needs and ensure an uncompromising energy transition.

    The efficiency of the Li-Mithra system is more than 2 times higher than the most performant systems on the market.

    Tested and certified performance

    • The Coefficient of Performance (COP) of a heat pump is the ratio between the amount of energy produced by the system (heat) and the energy consumed from the electrical grid (kWh) for this production.
    • The COPA or annual COP gives the real efficiency of a heat pump, because it is the system COP recorded over an entire heating season.
    • In practice, the real COP of a recent geothermal heat pump is around 3.5 to 4, while that of an air-source heat pump is around 1.5. (*)
    • The COPA of the Li-Mithra system ranges from 6.6 to 10 depending on the location (certified by ETV).


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