Helixa - Solar absorber heat pump

High performance range systems, hybrid panels certified     

COPA* : from 6,6 up to 10 according to location (ETV certified) ETV)**     
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1 Heat pump thermal power from 10 up to 20 kW
10 up to 30 Li-Mithra hybrid solar panels (photovoltaic power 300 W/panel)
1 DHW buffer tank capacity of 300 L
1 Heating Buffer tank 500 L
Inverter from 3 up to 9 kW inc. electrical safety devices

To summarize

Solar absorber DHW buffer tank
Hot water and photovoltaic electricity
Energy absorber patented
New home
High quality standard
High performance



The Helixa system has been specifically designed to collect energy into our specific patented hybrid panels (thermal and photovoltaic). Designed to ensure reliability heating production as DHW supply for home needs and supply electrical energy self-consumed or for your electrical domestic equipment. The system is warrant of yearly incredible performances.


Optimized for new house or refurbishing house, can be connected to your current installation for heating: DHW and electric supply. The hybrids panels mounting are over tiles no tile removing is requested this giving a warranty for eventual roof leaks.

Self-consumption and excess reselling

The system is connected to your own electrical installation giving a locally green electrical production for the heat pump supply or/and the supply of your own domestic electrical equipment’s. The excess can be resell to the grid and according to local legislation can be sold at for example 0.10 €/kWh in France. Additionally, financial assistance of 390 €/kWp installed is suitable

24 hours production

The hybrid panels are delivering thermal energy and, even of lack of solar irradiation, the system remain operational by the heat pump coupling.


The possibility to add hybrid panels or PV panels give supplementary electricity production. According to governmental rules this electricity can be resell to the grid For French legislation, this electricity can be resell at a tariff of 0.10 €/kWh.

Financial assistance (French legislation)

30% tax credit in the house energy refurbishing frame on the thermal field (in the limit of a maximum expenses of 16.000 ;00 € VAT included for a couple.


2 years for the heat pump
10 years for thermal collectors and connections
30 years for the PV panels (hardware and efficiency)

Installation examples

Installation roof over tiles or garden frames

*COPA : Cop yearly (produced thermal energy / consumed electrical energy including PV production).
** ETV : Environmental Technology Verification (This independent European organization is verifying the environmental innovative technology).

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