Solar Panels

Supply only or supply and installation of 3kW, 9kW and 36kW kits

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Li-Mithra is a partner of solar panel manufacturers, such as Voltec-Solar a French manufacturer (Alsace) of photovoltaic modules of which we distribute the range of high efficiency solar panels.

We offer our customers a high quality of service and the possibility of choosing panels with a low carbon footprint, for their projects, whether for sale or for self-consumption solar energy.

Solar panel warranty up to 30 years.


Solar absorber heat pump




Steady rotation speed compressor


Photovoltaic production, from 6 up to 16 Hybrid solar panels
Heating and DHW supply
Air conditioning optional
LEB house from 80 up to 150 m²
Positive energy buildings

Heat pump rated power:

6 et 8 kW

Hybrid panels surface:

10 up to 26 m² (6 up to 16 panels)


Solar absorber heat pump



Variable rotation speed, to improve performance


Photovoltaic production, from 10 up to 30 hybrid solar panels
Heating and DHW supply, swimming pool
Optional air conditioning
House surface from 150 m² up to 400 m²
Positive energy building

Thermal power:

10 to 20 kW

Hybrid panels surface:

16 up to 50 m² (10 up to 30 panels)

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